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All-Natural Hair Care Products

Progressive, Professional, All-Natural Hair Care Products

At Philip Pelusi Hair Salons, we recognize that great hairstyles start with great hair care. “My need for great design in relationship to hair, from a cutting, styling, and product developer perspective is how I began to relate and connect with hair as fabric. I discovered early on that the better the fabric, the better the design.”

We wanted our products to reflect and support our holistic, organic approach to cutting hair. That’s why our product research and development team took the time to re-formulate our already top of the line professional hair care products.

Our professional salon stylists and hair designers are proud to present our new line of all-natural hair care products to help you smooth and strengthen your hair. Our products are focused on providing your hair with the natural ingredients and elements it needs to stay healthy. 

Our All-Natural Hair Care Products Include: Age de Phy Shampoo, Clenz Creme, Fade de Phy Shampoo, Fade de Phy Conditioner, Long Gev Ity Shampoo, Long Gev Ity Conditioner, Moisturesheen Shampoo, DeTox Shampoo Treatment, Age de Phy Conditioner, Moisturesheen Conditioner, Intense Hydrating Treatment, RepairHair Smart Styling Treatment, Decrease Smart Styling Treatment, Increase Smart Styling Treatment, Mousse & Potion. Please check individual product descriptions to determine which of the following apply:

  • Allergen Free Fragrance
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Salt Free
  • Silicone Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • Free of Synthetic Dyes, GMO’s and Animal Testing

Our P2® Essentials Hair & Skin Care lines combine top-quality ingredients and the world’s finest botanicals to penetrate your hair cells and create long-lasting results.  Salon quality style deserves salon quality care. Keep your hair healthy and natural, shop our line of hair care products and discover what makes Philip Pelusi’s salon-quality products “A Cut Above the Rest®.”