Dress Up Your Pony

Dress Up Your Pony

A lot of times trendy hair styles can be challenging to perfect at home. You see them online and can watch the tutorials but without another set of hands they can become frustrating and it's easier to just throw your hair up in a ponytail and call it a day. Well now you're in luck because that easy low pony you know so well is in but with the help of hair accessories! Dressed up ponies are a great way to express your style; from charming looks like a tied velvet bow as seen at Kate Spade Fall 2016 or rocker glam adorned with metallic hair rings and braids there is no limit to how you dress up your own pony. And if you dare, break out your crimper and crimp a few strands of hair as well. (We all know you still have a crimper lying around somewhere.)

More good news for this low-maintenance look, late day hair or second day hair works best! Spray on a dry shampoo to give your hair the right texture to work with. If you're going to curl (or crimp) your ponytail find a good setting spray before using your heated tools, let the curls cool and you'll have body and flexible hold all day. If you want to shape and mold your pony to hold your chosen accessories, use a molding groom that will give you control without matting your hair's shine while keeping hair soft. Finally, the fun part! The options for accessories are endless from jeweled clips; to subtle bows find the perfect accessories that fit your individual style.

Suggested Products for Perfecting Your Pony

A powder-free dry shampoo that freshens hair, adds texture and creates shine. We suggest: Tela Beauty Organics Dri Shampoo

A setting spray that is flexible and keeps hair soft and full of shine when used with heating tools. We suggest: P2 by Philip Pelusi Fluid Spray

A hair molding groom that gives a lot of control while sculpting hair. We suggest: Tela Beauty Organics Encore

For a flexible hold that moisturizes hair while giving a soft pliable hold. We suggest: P2 by Philip Pelusi Honey