Falling Into Balayage

Falling Into Balayage

When trends pass by they are usually transformed into a new trend, unless we're talking about balayage. This hair trend is transforming itself by expanding the possibilities of balayage techniques. When balayage first hit the scene it was known for giving a sun-kissed look to your hair, an alternative to boring highlights that cover the entire hair strand root to tip, balayage was our saving grace and made natural grown in roots the "it" thing to have! With that being said a naturally colored balayage is low maintenance and adds depth and dimension to any hair type. 

Now for this trends transformation, hair colorists are taking balayage to the next step by combining this popular art form with 2016/2017's popular fantasy colors, creating the ultimate form of self-expression. The possibilities are endless and they come with some breathtaking results. To keep those results looking their best it's as simple as finding the right color protecting shampoo and conditioner. It will prolong and enhance your color as well as fight off that dreaded fading. In addition to the traditional approach to cleansing and conditioning, one of the latest trends in hair care technology is the no suds cleansing approach to shampooing hair. It gently cleanses and removes surface debris while never leaving your hair in a too-clean state to help preserve your hair color.

Recommended Balayage Hair Care:
A super color protecting shampoo and conditioner that seals in color and protects your hair from fadage in between touch-ups. We suggest: P2 by Philip Pelusi Fade de Phy Shampoo and Fade de Phy Conditioner

A no suds cleansing conditioner that lightly cleanses surface debris while never leaving hair in a too-clean state to help preserve color. We suggest: P2 by Philip Pelusi Clenz Creme No Sudsing Cleansing Conditioner