Summer Sombre

Summer Sombre

Trends are always transforming themselves to create the new "it" look. Just like it sounds, sombre is a subtle ombre. The best thing about this trend? Roots are encouraged! The dark root to an eye catching lighter contrast can create more dimension to thinner and longer hair with its added mix of tones and shades. This look is great for all skin tones since you are working with your natural root color, transitioning into shiny lighter tones than your natural color.

This is a cool effortless look for summer so it's important to protect your new color from the damages caused by UV rays. Your hair can burn just like your skin and the sun can also break down collagen and elastin in the hair resulting in dry, dull, damaged and color faded hair. Find a light hair groom that not only is a texture tamer for your new color but a sun protectant. Apply your protecting groom to damp hair before blow drying to reduce frizz or throughout the day while you're pool side.

To create natural waves, slide your fingers into your hair like a comb and gently shake the root area back and forth to wake up the natural texture of your hair. Then blow dry with a cone diffuser while gently lifting and scrunching your hair to support the natural waves. If more curls are needed we suggest a large barreled curling iron, curling waves in opposite directions to keep the style natural. Misting the hair with a holding spray before curling will guarantee the curl to last and leave hair feeling soft for your natural sombre style.

Suggest Products:
A hair groom that is a texture tamer and a sun protectant. We suggest: P2 by Philip Pelusi Potion. Potion is a completely weightless groom that allows your natural texture to shine through and also helps to filter UV rays to lessen the damages of the sun.

A light holding spray that leaves hair feeling soft and never crispy. We suggest: P2 by Philip Pelusi Fluid Spray