The Summer Hun

The Summer Hun

This summer trend is a page straight out of the 90's, the half bun. Women are loving this effortless yes edgy look because it is reminiscent of youthful days when you would finish your half-bun with a brand new scrunchy. The hun looks great with all lengths of hair and is the perfect go to look for a bad hair day without anyone knowing. We can only hope the next 90's hair style will be to multiply the hun by two and recreate Mel B. aka Scary Spice's double knots!

There is no wrong way to wear your hun. It can be positioned on the top of your head or worn slightly back off of the top of your head. Before knotting your hun, tease the hair a little bit for added volume, then once the hun is knotted tug a little of the pulled back hair loose for a more relaxed feel. Texture is key to keep this look effortless. Find a weightless hair groom that will eliminate frizz but add texture so that the hair left down looks a little wavy as if the hun just happened.

If you need the assistance of a curling iron to enhance your waves, apply a styling groom that is a heat protectant that will also hydrate your summer hair while it holds in your curls. Run your fingers through your new waves for a slightly messy style while knowing your hair is hydrated and healthy. Now all you need is a pair of platform sandals and you'll be totally on trend and Instagram-worthy.

Suggested Products

A texture building groom that fights against frizz and UV damage while adding shine. We suggest: Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Guardian Angel Solar Hair Serum

A styling groom with a bit of a soft grip that will hydrate and protext hair from heat damage. We suggest: Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Composer