Vibrant Colors

Vibrant Colors

Every day we see designers pushing the limits of creativity with new hair color combinations or coloring techniques. 2017 has proven to be a year where the hair colors you've only seen in your fantasies can become your reality and this only seems to be gaining popularity with new techniques being seen all over Instagram. From neon's glowing under black light, hair art being stenciled or hand painted into anything imaginable, and the latest, "mood hair" similar to mood rings where the hair color will actually change when exposed to different temperatures. The sky is the limit when it comes to vibrant hair colors!

There is no doubt that your vibrant hair color is not only a form of self-expression but it is also an investment. It's important to protect your hair from damage and prolong the life of your new color. For at home maintenance, protect your color with a color sealing shampoo and conditioner. Ingredients like Willow Bark and Sunflower will reduce fadage in between salon touch-ups.

On top of reducing fadage, try a color enhancing conditioner that is pigmented to revive your hair's tone and shine. For example if you have a super cool icy blonde color, protect it with a violet conditioner. You'll be amazed at what a color boosting conditioner can do to keep your color vibrant. And when styling your hair remember that the sun can do more damage to your hair than you think so protect it with styling products that filter out UV Rays to protect your fantasy colors from deteriorating and fading.

Suggested Products:

A shampoo and conditioner that will cleanse hair while locking in color with Sunflower and Willow Bark ingredients to prolong the life of your color. We Suggest: P2 by Philip Pelusi Fade De Phy Shampoo and Conditioner

A color enhancing conditioner that will boost natural and color-treated hair to revive tone and shine. We suggest: P2 by Philip Pelusi Fade De Phy Color Boost Conditioner

Every P2 by Philip Pelusi Spray from super firm holding P2 by Philip Pelusi Industrial to light as a feather P2 by Philip Pelusi Fluid contains UV light filters to help protect your color from the fading effects of the sun.


Image Source: Melissa@Cranberry