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Color Group

With over 200 Philip Pelusi specially certified hair colorists, each personally trained in the principles of color matching, allow us to create a unique masterpiece every time for you. Our Philip Pelusi colorists combine their expertise with your style to create your perfect look. The services that we offer include: All-over color, highlights, lowlights, balayage, accent lights, color melting, grey blending, ombre, pastel lights and more. Prices range from $41 to $120.


The Hair Texture Group at Philip Pelusi is composed of over 200 Philip Pelusi designers certified in the art of Volumetrics.  This patented precision cutting method allows our designers to cut to the fabric and fiber of your hair. Whether volumized, smooth, full, curly, straight, or anything in-between the Texture Group at Philip Pelusi is trained to treat and design all hair textures, performing over 40,000 treatments in the last year. This is textured hair care that delivers all the elements! Prices start at $32.